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Hey, look who actually decided to make a fact.

Hey guys, David here.

Below, you will find my first official Disneyland Fact.

Bask in all its glory.

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Quick Question

How do you guys feel about the music on the blog?

I know some people are 100% against music on Tumblr.

Some aren’t.

Now, let’s not turn this into a “youtube style” argument complete with ethnic slurs, and talk of ones mother.

So, are you for, or against music on the blog?

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vijimmy: Hi, I am so happy someone will once again be posting in this blog again, can't wait to see how the new goodies in store. Anyways I just wanted to know why do you like Disneyland, and what is your favorite Disneyland story?

Why do I like disneyland? Why wouldn’t someone like Disney Land?

Not sure what you mean by “story”.

I suppose Disney America, a theme park that was never built. ( Hint about a future fact. Don’t worry. Ill tweet the deets later.

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zip-a-dee-not-so-scary-lady: I have a fact I'd like to share: The Hatbox Ghost was a ghost that lived in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. His place was in the Attic, where you see the bride, Constance, today. Hatbox only lived in the Mansion for a few days, prior to opening (1969). It wasn't until 40 years later ONE picture of him would turn up. It is the only known picture of the Hatbox Ghost. Hatbox's model location still remains a mystery to this day. (He wasn't an Animatronic.)

Im amazed Gayle hasn’t covered that yet. Thanks.

You ask is on its way from  my personal account.

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thelittlemortician: Hey! I'm Yasi and I'm a Cast Member at Disneyland on the Finding Nemo Submarines :) I'm half Persian and half Mexican. I have an awesome boyfriend who also happens to be a CM at Disneyland too. I have synesthesia, a condition where I see different colors for every letter, number, and sometimes for a key of music (ex. B is a violet purple, the key of E in music is like a dusty gold color, and the number 5 is red to me). My favorite Disney characters are Esmeralda, Jasmine, Ariel, and Merida :)

Question. What if I were to draw a number with a color?

Does tye dye feak you out?

Patrick stump of Fall Out Boy has this, btw, as does Billy Joel.

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making-me-ill: What band are you in? I might have seen you at warped!

I didn’t tour, I performed once.

Sang one song to be exact.

Still the best experience of my life.

And it was in Cleveland.

My current band is Cosby Sweaters. Gigs coming soon.

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participation-trophy-wife: Favorite land in Disneyland? :D

New Orleans Square.

POTC and Haunted Mansion.

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Who likes asks?

So, Gayle says she has really gotten how to know some of you guys, and I just posted a bio, so, I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT YOU.

Go ahead and go to my ask box and tell me about yourself! Or mail if you want to keep it secret, or anon. Ask me anything.

See something in my bio that caught your interest?

Want to send some hate mail?

Need to vent?

Ned help on a English essay?

Want to know if ShamWow’s really work ( they do, but smell real bad for some weird reason)

Ask away:


I promise to reply to every single message, and, in return, you will get one ask in your ask box.

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Hey guys,

I’m David, and as Gayle has posted before, she has given me the opportunity to take over her blog. So, I am the new owner of the Disney Land Secrets and Facts page. I figured that I would take the time to introduce myself.

  • I’m 18
  • I own a haunted house, that I started in 4th grade, and it is now critically acclaimed.
  • I live in a Town outside of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Im a Senior in Highschool.
  • I attend a performing arts school half the day. ( I do a lot of theatre)
  • I have performed stand-up in New York City.
  • My favorite Disney rides are Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion
  • Pirates are awesome.
  • I can cook 30 minute brownies in 20.
  • I go to as many concerts as I can, regardless of the Artist. I have seen over 150 musical acts.
  • I sing, play drums, bass, and I can cheat my way through guitar.
  • I performed on Warped Tour last year.
  • My favorite music genres are Punk Rock and 50’s and 60’s Do-Wop.
  • My favorite Musical artists are:The Misfits, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, A Day to Remember, Flogging Molly,The Sex Pistols,The Blues Brothers,Minor Threat,Blink 182,Black Flag,Rise Against,Fall Out boy,Bob Dylan,The Who.
  • Favorite MoviesMovies: The Blues Brothers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland, Silence of the Lambs, Toy Story, Step Brothers, Inception, Forest Gump, Ted,and almost any Disney Movie, just to name a few.
  • I like to skateboard, badly.
  • I sell cars at a local dealership.
  • I have done some modeling. ( Not as glamourous as you think. It’s either “ZOMG PROM TUXES AND CUTE GIRLS!” OR ” you’re gonna get hit by a bus.” Yes. I have done booth.
  • I once defended a Swahilian Village from a horde of ferocious Mosquitos, using nothing but a Ball Point pen.
Picture of me:


^My blog^ ( SOMETIMEs NSFW) Its mostly funny stuff.


I will be running the blog an I cant wait to get started.

I will be posting with more logistics soon.

Thanks so much,



Sorry about the delay. Gayle and I had some technical difficulty.

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